Friday, May 20, 2011


Imagination With Mrs Lagitupu

This term our topic was Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger. In class we learned about Imagination. We played a Bus-stop activity where we had to rotate and go to different tables where there was a different question like, ‘What does the word imagination mean?’ Our answer was when you think and use your imagination to do something or to make something. Next we made a pet of our own by using our imagination. My pet was called Lighting and he could dance, sing and talk. His favourite food was chocolate and pineapple. That’s one of my favourite foods too.

We researched things that have changed in the past few years like cars, phones and lights. Innovation means to create a new method or product. We had to do a presentation with all the olden day things like phones and cars and we also had to put an image of what they are like now. The thing that I researched was the toilets. I had an image of a tarpolin and a little bucket as the toilet.

With Ms Tito we had to create our name in a creative way. We created our name using the Internet. We searched each letter of our name and when we finished we had to email it to Ms Tito. Ms T showed us a few example of creative names that her class done. I did my name by using the graffiti creator.

Discovery With Mrs Nua

In Mrs Nua’s class we had to create a surface that would protect our egg from cracking. The material or equipment that we got was 10 Straws, 8 Ice-block Sticks and 8 Rubber bands. The people that were in my group was Mui and Mauina. It took us a lot of thinking but we got there in the end. There was only one group whose egg didn’t crack. When it was finally our turn, we got really nervous that none of the people in my group wanted to drop the egg. We gave the egg to Paulitia to drop for us. When she dropped our egg, our egg cracked and the yolk rolled out like a person coming down through a slide.

My favourite topic was Discovery with Mrs Nua because we got to make a surface and drop an egg.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Term 1 project

This movie is all about being honest. Honesty is one of our Pt England values.