Thursday, December 1, 2011

Planet Comparison

Comparison between Earth and 3 other planets in our Solar System


Picture of the planet

Diameter12,756 km120,660 km142,800 Km6,787 km
Order in our solar system (e.g 3rd planet from the sun)3rd planet form the sun6th planet from the sun5th planet from the sun2nd planet from the sun
This planet is similar to
(e.g. Venus) because...
Mars because, they are both Terrestrial planets.Saturn is similar to Jupiter because they are both bigger then earth.Jupiter is the same as Saturn because being so far away from the sun they are both cold planets.This planet is a similar size to Earth.
This planet is different compared to (e.g. Neptune) because...Jupiter is different compared to Earth because, of the size. Jupiter is way bigger compared to Earth.Uranus because, Uranus does not have any rings.
Saturn because, Saturn has rings and Jupiter doesn’t have any rings.Uranus because it is the coldest planet and Venus is the hottest one.
Number of moons and/or rings:1 Moon, 0 Rings63 Moons, 4 Rings 63 Moons, 0 Rings0 Moon, 0 Rings
5 - 8 interesting facts about this planet:

* Earth is the only planet that has life forms.
* 5th largest planet in our Solar System
* Earth is a similar size to Mercury.
* Earths moon is named Luna.
*Saturn can float on water
*It is made out of light gases
* Saturn is a flattened ball
* Saturn is the least dense planet in the Solar System
* Sometimes the rings disappear
*It is the biggest planet in our Solar System
* Jupiter is known as Zeus in Greek mythology.
* There are 3 rings on Jupiter. They are named Gossamer, Main and Halo
* Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet in the Solar System
*The Clouds on Jupiter are only 50 km thick.
*2nd planet closest to the sun
* Venus rotates backwards compared to the other planets
* Venus rotates backwards compared to the other planets
* Venus can be so bright it casts shadows
* Venus and Earth are both similar size
Explain why life is possible or not possible on this planet:

Yes, because there is oxygenNo because it would be like living in clouds and you’ll be breathing hydrogen gas.No, because it would make it difficult and dangerous to move around.
No, because it is so hot you could get burnt or dehydrated.