Tuesday, November 23, 2010


On Friday the 19th of November Rooms 19 and 20 went to Mairangi Bay for life saving education.We went to Mairangi Bay to learn about what to do when we are in the water or if something is happening in the water.We met 4 different life guards they were Rosey, Raquel, Megan and Bayley. First they introduced them selves. They talked about where they came from and what beach is theirs.After a few minutes they showed us around the place and where to go when we want to get changed. After they showed us around the place, they talked a little bit about the water and about when we are in the water we have to swim between the flags. They said if we don’t swim between the flags what are the chances of a life guard or someone saving you, she also told us about the inflatable rescue boat.Soon it was morning tea, after we had morning tea we had to come in and Rosey one of the life guards talked to us about sun screen. We had to look for the expiry date,SPF and water resistance. It was now lunch time and we had to get changed straight after lunch time because we were going to go into the water soon.We now got to go into the water with tubes and with the boogie boards.We had 10 minutes left to have free time of swimming.I started getting cold so I decided to get changed. We soon had to go home but first we had to say a big thank you to the life guards. I had a great time that I want to have a day there again.

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