Thursday, September 29, 2011

AFL (aussie rules)

My first favourite highlight of term 3 was AFL (Aussie rules). AFL was when we went on the courts and Michael and Lucy the AFL people taught us many techniques like the High mark, Speckie, Handball and much more. AFL was one of my favourite highlights because I loved doing sports and learning new skills.

My other favourite highlight was Cross country. Cross country was an event that our school did every year. Last year we did cross country in age groups, but this year it was different. The year 7&8’s did cross country on our own, we had to run 3,5km but the year 7’s only had to run 3km’s. When we did cross country the year 7’s girls followed by the year 7 boys and so on. Cross country was one of my highlights because I enjoy running and because I came 3rd.

Last but not least my third favourite highlight, Silly sports day. The whole of Team 5 (year 7&8’s and teachers) had Silly sports day on the bottom field. The teachers had entertaining games planned for us like Ball tiggy, Slingshots, two legged spoon race and the Sponge race. Our first activity was with our own teacher then we moved to the next activity. The part that I enjoyed the most was sponge because I got a little wet.

This term was probably the second best term that I had enjoyed but I can’t wait until term 4 because of the year 8 camp and lots more entertaining things. I hope we do something similar to sill sports day in Term 4.

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