Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Term 2 Highlights

This term has been very educational because we learn something new everyday. My highlights of this term was Taonga time, Soccer and Hip Hop.

My favourite subject that I most enjoyed this term was sports. What I liked about sports was soccer. Our coach was Mr Harris and he taught us how to play soccer properly, how to throw a ball in from the outside and how to kick the ball if we wanted to kick a short pass.

It was the day for us to play soccer. We were all so nervous when we got there. The teams we versed was Ellerslie, Churchill Park and Panmure district. They were very competitive but in the end it was a good game. We came second in our pool and were very proud of our place that we came.

Every Friday this term we get to do Taonga time. I’m with Ms Va’ afusuaga and we do sports, but when it it’s raining we play on rugger-land with our netbooks. Rugger-land is a website about sports. There is rugger-land maths, sports games, what’s in rugger’s room and heaps more. We also get to enter a competition about netball. We have to create a poster about netball, the judges get to

After school I go to my hip hop practices for glee. I like going to practices because I like learning new dance moves. Our dance technicians are kids from Tamaki College called Esther, Pa, Ma and Harmony. They are teaching us their bring it on dance and an S&M dance that they performed in one of our assemblies. The T.C students teach us difficult moves, so we have to practice and practice it until we get it right. I like hip hop because on the last week of school we get to perform to the whole school.

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