Monday, July 4, 2011

Tamaki Technology

Before 8:30am all the year 7 & 8 students assemble into the street to get ready for Tamaki tech. We strolled down to Tamaki College and went to our technology classes. There are 5 different technology classes: Science, Electronics, Graphics, Wood work and Food tech (my favourite).

I’m in Science and my teacher is Mr Duwan. He teaches us interesting things like what’s in our body, temperatures, different kinds of acids chemicals and much more. The topic I enjoyed the most was temperatures of melting ice.

Today we learned about temperatures for melting ice. The equipment we used was goggles, bunsen burner, thermometer, tripod, mat, stop watch, measuring cup, an ice cube and matches. We had to find out the temperature of the water every minute as it was sitting on the bunsen burner. We were trying to find out at what temperature ice melts.

I really enjoyed been in the Science class and I can’t wait to go to the other technology classes.

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