Friday, August 19, 2011

Extremely nervous I sat down on the courts listening to Mr Burt instruct us on what was going to happen today.

On Wednesday 10th August the year 7&8 students had cross country. My class room 21 assembled into a line getting ready to go to the courts where we had to listen to Mr Burt talk to us about what was going to happen. I sat down extremely nervous because, it was a 3.5km run.

First was the year 7 girls then the year 7 boys, after them was us, the year 8 girls following by the Year 8 boys. I started getting butterflies as I approached the starting line. We waited for a few minutes until Ms Va'afusuaga said "Ready set go!"

We all ran as fast as we could. I could feel the mud flicking from the other girls feet onto my face. It made me really annoyed. I ran passed the first lot of cone up hills and across bridges. As I was running on the tracks my feet started hurting really bad. I had to stop a few times because my feet was hurting.

Oh finally I could see the finish line at school but I was still running around the reserve. I could see Etta and April already running towards the finish line. I ran past Ms S and she told me to keep on going I was nearly there. Oh, with a sigh I ran past my teacher across the park and up to the finishing line. I was so relieved that cross country was finished. The place that I came was 3rd I was so proud of myself for finishing.

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