Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silly Sports Day

It was a warm luminous day and team 5 students and teachers (Mrs Nua, Mrs Lagitupu, Ms Tito and Mr Harris) had silly sports day at school on the bottom field. Every teacher had exciting games planned for us like slingshots, ball tiggy, two legged spoon race and sponge and water games. Each game was about 10 minutes long.

Each classes first activity was with their own teacher. We played ball tiggy. There were four group colours, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue, I was in the Blue team. Now the fun begun. My group challenged the green team, and the other 2 teams challenged each other. The aim of the game was to communicate to try and get the other group members out. The game was king of like netball but a little different.

The next group that we went to was Ms Tito, slingshots. We had to choose any kind of ball to try and get it to the targets (Hoops). We had to challenge the other classes to see how many balls we could get in to the target. It was quite difficult because sometimes the ball will just fall off the slingshot and onto the ground or would touch the target and roll away. We only got one ball into the target, so our results was only ten points.

Our third rotation was Mr Harris, two legged spoon race. We had to find a buddy and tie one leg of ours together and one of us had to hold the spoon with a tennis ball and walk all the way to the end and back with out dropping the ball.”Ready set go!” I started power walking suddenly......the ball rolled off the spoon. Mr Harris said if the ball rolled off the spoon you have to go back to to the start. I didn’t want to do it again so I just passed it to the other people waiting in line for a turn to go.

Last but not least was Mrs Nua, sponge and water. She split us into groups Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. We lined up in our groups and waited for Mrs Nua to tell us that we could start. “Go!” said Mrs Nua. The first person in the line pushed the sponge into the bucket full of water and passed it on to the next person. The last person had to squeeze all the water into the other bucket and run all the way in the front do the same thing until Mrs Nua said stop.

Oh,what a day, I had so much fun I hope we do it again. My favourite highlight of the day was Mrs Nua’s activity, sponge and water, because we got to get kind of wet and it was really hot.

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